"ESSENTIA" installation design

Go Big or Go Home! Intellectually engaging; this site-specific, large-scale creation was never really a one-man show, better yet required a cohesive team effort to conjure and execute. Permanence is the underlying constructional root; Timelessness, the visual fruit. The installation once erected not only activated the space to client(s) needs/specifications, but also inherently desired to charm the viewer from afar while simultaneously inspiring them up-close.

  • Role Surface Design Artist + Painter/Fabricator
  • For North Carolina State University Department of Mathematics
  • Date September 2009
  • Type Mobile, Installation, Interior Design, Fibers, Structures, Spray painting
  • URL www.behance.net/SD3/frame/757586

Entire view from the ground floor.

"Essentia" 2009. Approx. 4 stories tall.
This Mobile Installation was created using kite parts for a light weight skeleton and rip stop nylon for the skin. The nylon was painted using various gravity fed spray guns connected to air hoses.

Detail of panel 1.

The paint used was Golden paint thinned specifically for spray application, afterwards it was coated using dust/fire retardant UV shielding varnish(multiple applications). My specific contribution to this installation was the design of the patterns on the each panel (ellipse and arches) and then forming a color pallet to compliment the patterns.

Image A) Me looking down from the 5th floor. Image B) A view looking up from the ground level entrance.

The basic idea behind the pattern, color, and form is the rhythmic dance of the Fibonacci sequence. The name Essnetia is the Latin derivative of the word essence.